I’m sure a car battery is not a priority item on your shopping list. In fact, I’m definitely certain, you hardly think of it at all, except when you have to be somewhere important; work, date, school, a job interview, and your car won’t start. Your battery is dead!

That’s when you start scampering around looking for the nearest place where you can get a battery that won’t charge you an arm and a leg.

My advice is to already scout for the best place to buy a car battery even when you don’t need it yet so that when the need arises, you know exactly where to go and here it is.

Of course, there are a lot of online stores as well as brick-and-mortar stores that sell car batteries. But, what you’re looking for is a place where you can get the specific battery you need not only at a good price but also with a good warranty and replacement policy. To help you out, we give you two of the best places where you can buy an automobile battery.

2 Shops You Want to Relay On When it Comes to  Getting Car Batteries


Amazon is the world’s largest retailer in terms of revenue and second largest in terms of total sales. You can find anything and everything on Amazon, including car batteries of all brands, types, and sizes. If your need is not immediate, Amazon is the best place to look for the battery of your particular specification. If you’re still undecided as to what brand of the car battery to buy, there is no other place to go for comparing brands and prices while in the comfort of your home, but with Amazon. They have thousands of car battery options to choose from. You can even do your search on your smartphone while on the go from the Amazon mobile app.

In addition, Amazon provides user reviews, both negative and positive, for each item so that you will have an idea of other users’ experience of a particular product that could help you in your choice. If you’re not sure yet what as to what type of battery is needed for your car, Amazon makes it easy to navigate the options with filters to enable you to browse based on brand, model and year of your car.


Good price

Almost always, Amazon offers sales, coupons, and promos as high as a 50% off on the regular price of their items. With so many sellers competing for a sale, you, the buyer, are benefited with the best price possible.
Large selection

There is no other place you can go that offers the selection magnitude that Amazon has. It has a huge seller base making available a large number of batteries available every day. If you already know the specific car battery that you need, you’ll find that there are a number of brands offering the same type at competitive prices.

Excellent customer service and reliability

Amazon won’t become the world’s largest online retail store if it is not reliable. I have never heard of any complaint of non-delivery against Amazon. If there are delayed deliveries, usually there is a valid reason for the delay. Amazon’s customer service is one of the best.

Fast delivery

In more than 8,000 towns, Amazon offers same-day delivery for its prime members, but usual delivery time is from 2 to 3 days which, I think is the shortest delivery time for online stores. It’s cheap too. Amazon shipping cost is one of the cheapest among online stores.


Returns and replacement

Although Amazon accepts returns and replacements, it is not as convenient and easy than when doing it with a local store where you can just bring the battery and exchange it for a new one or get your money back in real time.


Walmart has more than 5,000 stores all over the US. This includes discount stores, neighborhood markets, Sam’s Club and supercenters. Although Walmart also has an online store, most customers prefer to go to a Walmart store in person because of the customer assistance Walmart offers. This is a big help in finding the right battery for your car especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Walmart has several battery brands, but its house batteries are Everstart and Champion.


Free installation and free testing

At Walmart Auto Care Centers. Their technicians will test your battery to find out if it can still be revived. If you need a new battery after the old one is tested Walmart offers free battery installation.

Return and exchange policy

You can return a battery within 90 days of purchase with no questions asked, If you have the receipt with you, you immediately get your refund in the same payment mode when you bought it. If you paid cash, you would get cash. Even without the receipt, Walmart will still give you the refund after verifying the sale on their system. If the value of the battery is $25 dollars and below you get your refund in cash. If the amount involved is more than $25, you will be given a store credit.

If you purchased the wrong battery, you could change it for the correct one. If you bought a battery that is not in working order, it would be tested for free and then replaced with a new one if needed.

Exchange/Disposal Policy

When you buy a new battery, bring your old one with you and Walmart will either recycle it or dispose of it for you for free. But if you don’t bring your old battery when you buy a new one, you will have to pay Walmart a core fee of from $5 to $9, depending on your state. This policy is the same wherever you buy a new battery and is meant to compel consumers to dispose of their batteries properly.


Outdated technology

The technology used to match a car to a battery is outmoded and is not very accurate. (customer’s review)


Although there are other places you can go to buy a car battery, I have chosen the online giant Amazon and Walmart ( brick-and-mortar) as the most recommended shops to buy auto batteries by us for their outstanding advantages. In these two establishments alone, you have a wide range of choices for a new battery for your car, if and when you need a replacement for your old battery.