A car battery is something that is out of sight, out of mind for many car owners, until their car just refuses to start, only to find out that the culprit is a dead battery. Not surprising really since most of the more advanced type of batteries are maintenance-free that there really is no need to check on it every so often. But batteries don’t last forever. Some fail because they’re simply old and have reached the end of their lifespan, while others because of abuse.

Whatever is the reason, the sad truth is, you have a dead battery on your hands that needs to be replaced, and you have no idea where is the best area you can purchase automotive batteries to replace it. Then you will have to go through the daunting task of choosing a replacement battery. I say daunting since the range of choices alone is mind-boggling with hundreds, if not thousands, of batteries available in the market today.

But, fret not, our team has combed through the multifarious batteries that are currently available online such as Amazon, Walmart and Autozone and have come up with our own list of 5 of the best car battery for blokes like you.

Best car battery you can purchase online for 2019

Optima Batteries (RedTop)

The Optima Red Top, as the Optima 34/78 is more commonly known, is conceived to supply a vigorous cranking power even in the direst weather condition. If it’s starting power that you need especially if your vehicle is an off-roader or a hot rod, this is the perfect battery for you. It has a powerful starting ability, it’s leak-proof and has extreme power, exactly what your classic American car needs. This battery’s unequaled Spiral Cell design dispenses a clean yet powerful power source that ensures safety not only for you and your family but for the environment as well. The Red Top also features a high reserve capacity that endows it with a long service life so that you’ll have power where you need it when you need it.

Special features

● Rated with 800 CCA or cold cranking amps
● Has a 100-minute reserve capacity for consistent performance
● Optimum starting power in spite of inclement weather
● Resistance to vibration is 15 times more than ordinary batteries making it extra durable
● Can be mounted in almost any position

Optima Batteries (YellowTop)

The yellow top, as the Optima D35 is more commonly known, delivers the deep-cycling capacity and extreme performance for vehicles loaded with bells and whistles such as hydraulics, running lights, jazzed up stereo, winches and AV system. It is the ideal battery for extreme weather conditions with its incomparable SpiralCell configuration that delivers a powerful and yet clean energy source. An outstanding feature of this deep cycle & starting battery is its ability to recharge more quickly than ordinary batteries. Its discharge rate is quite low that you can put your car on storage for a long period of time and still have your engine spring up to life with one turn of the ignition key.

Special features

● With a CCA or cold cranking amps of 620
● Has a 300+charge/discharge cycle
● Reserve capacity of 98 minutes for consistent performance
● Excellent starting power in the most extreme weather condition
● Spill-proof
● High resistance to vibration

Exide Edge

This Exide Edge AGM battery together with other Exide Edge batteries are the earliest AGM batteries that feature a SureLIfe Graphite mechanism. It is a technology that enables a battery to function at a longer and greater level because it increases the energy capacity available. It has a no-spill AGM configuration with a better capability to handle the onerous pressure placed on present batteries. Users of Exide Edge AGM batteries are assured of better protection from battery failure and longer life of their batteries.

Special features

● 770 Cold cranking amps
● Reserve capacity of 120 minutes
● Spill-free
● Outstanding capacity to deal with the severe burden pressure placed on batteries of today
● Bested standard batteries in all life test such as stop and go traffic, heavy use and excessive electrical demand among other
● Come through with flying colors in one of the most difficult stress test, proof of sustained efficiency


Odyssey PC925 Automotive and LTV Battery, just like other Odyssey batteries, provides rapid recovery, powerful starting power and awesome deep cycling capacity demanded by today’s vehicles. Cars for everyday use or heavy-duty vehicles for industrial use are all souped up with the latest in electronic devices putting such a heavy load on batteries. It’s a good thing this Odyssey battery was designed exactly for the purpose of meeting these onerous demands.

It has plates made of unadulterated lead (not the lead alloy in other batteries) that makes it possible to load more plates on it, which translates to a bigger surface area for more power. The Odyssey PC925 has two times more power and three times more service life than other standard batteries.

Special features

● 330 Cold Crank Amp (CCA)
● The service life of 3 to 10 years
● 70% longer cycle life than other standard deep cycle batteries
● Cycles up to 400 at 80% depth of discharge
● Steady voltage for long stretches of time
● Recharge faster, with a recharge efficiency better than any sealed battery available
● Spill-free and mounting flexibility design
● High resistance to vibration


This ACDelco Professional Automotive AGM Batteries is endowed with high cycling capacity, is exceptionally receptive to charge and is perfect for a start/stop use. It is 100% spill and leak proof as well as maintenance free and has a longer serviceable life than most standard batteries.

Specific features

● Extra thick negative plates for better performance and longer battery life
● Positive grid made of calcium lead increases conductivity and tolerates low resistance
● Tough, puncture -resistant Envelope Separator enables increased acid circulation, keeps the battery cool, avoids shorts and prolong battery life
● With a vent cap designed to prevent acid leakage


The five batteries above are our choice of the best vehicle battery 2019. This is not absolute, and others can refute it, but we stand behind our choice. Read the product description and special features, and you’ll understand why. Check if any of these five fit your requirement for a replacement battery and you can confirm if we made the right choice.