Refurbished Car Battery For Sale Near Me: Buying Guide 2019

A failing automotive battery spells disaster to most of the everyday drivers or car owners out there. This issue can lead to a multitude of frustrating and annoying situations such as being late at work, getting stranded in the middle of nowhere and a lot of stressful circumstances. An issue like this mainly limits your mobility that can lead to negative consequences. Typically, dead car batteries can be fixed with a simple jumpstart but if you are dealing with a completely depleted battery, your best option is to get a replacement.

However, automotive batteries can be very expensive and for drivers in a tight budget, getting a new one sometimes can be impossible. When I was on a situation like this a few year back, I resorted to looking for available refurbished car batteries near me. My goal was to get a temporary replacement that will get me back on track.

At first, I thought that I only got lucky, because the refurbished battery that I bought perform well for a couple of years. Then it hit me and made me realize that getting a refurbished car battery as a replacement is not a bad idea. As long as you know what you want and you know what to look for, there will be a great chance of getting a high-performing battery for your car.

Why Consider Getting Reconditioned Car Batteries?

Buying a reconditioned auto battery to replace your car’s dead battery can be very beneficial, especially to those with a tight budget. Obviously, these batteries are far more cheaper compared to the brand new ones. Aside from the low upfront cost of these batteries, getting a reliable one that offers optimum performance for a year or two will greatly increase your money saving potential. This is because you won’t be needing to buy a replacement for a long time.

The use of refurbished batteries is also a great way of take care of our environment. Using them is an eco-friendly way of equipping a vehicle with a good performing battery. This practice also lessens the amount of hazardous chemicals or materials that are thrown to landfills which will also be beneficial to the society.

If you are prepared and you did your research, getting a great deal on refurbished batteries will also allow you to equip your car with a good battery for a really low price.

Where to Buy Rebuilt Car Batteries In Your Local Area?

If you are planning and considering to buy a refurbished car battery replacement, you can get them in various places like Miami, Houston and Denver. You can purchase them online or buy them offline.

To purchase a refurbished battery online all you have to do is to visit online stores like Amazon, eBay, Craigslist and other similar sites. You can also go to sites that will search sellers within your area or the nearest area from your location. On sites like these, all you have to do is to supply the battery information and then let them look for suitable sellers that fits your criteria.

Buying one offline. You can start visiting scrap yards, auto parts stores or automotive dealers within your area. Most of them buy old or used car batteries, recondition them and then sells them for a bit of profit. You can also visit Costco, Sears, AutoZone and other similar stores that has an automotive department and ask them if they are selling refurbished car batteries.

Pros and Cons of Buying A Refurbished Battery

Purchasing refurbished car batteries has its benefits and drawbacks. And one way to come up with a good or smart decision is by weighing them to see if its beneficial or not. To help you with this, we listed the pros and cons of purchasing a refurbished car battery replacement.


● Cheaper Option or Low Cost – The greatest benefit that you can get from purchasing a refurbished battery is its very low cost. Compared to brand new batteries, the reconditioned ones are 50% or more cheaper which makes them the perfect option for drivers with tight budget.
● The Wealth of Supply – A lot of car experts recommend using refurbished batteries because of its abundance or wealth of supply. They are almost sold everywhere and they are very easy to get. However, car experts recommend that you only buy them from trusted and reliable sellers to avoid getting a battery that doesn’t work.
● Better Sense of Responsibility – A lot of auto mechanics believe that using refurbished batteries give car owners a better sense of responsibility. Being conscious of having a used battery under the hood of their vehicles pushes car owners to be more responsible and do regular check ups to make sure that their cars are “road worthy”.


● High Upkeep or Maintenance Expenses – One of the drawbacks of using a refurbished car battery is the high maintenance cost that it requires. Because most of these batteries are old and used, they already had their fair share of wear and tear. This causes them to fail from time to time and the cost of repairs are greater just to keep them going.
● Issue of Unreliability – A lot of car owners refrain from getting refurbished car batteries because there’s a great chance that the battery they will get will be unreliable. They always claim that these batteries are already damaged and don’t have the capability of providing the performance that they need.


When I was looking for refurbished car batteries near me to replace my dead car battery. My only goal was to temporarily get my car back on track while I am waiting for my money to buy a brand new one. It turned out that if you do your research and if you know what to look for, you can get a good reliable battery even if its a refurbished one based on the information provided above by the reliable battery website.